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How to gain and use AB$ (Admin Bucks)

On Admin Brave, we have our own currency commonly referred to as “AB$ Admin Bucks”. It is the one and only way you can request official services and enter contests or making purchases in our shop.

Can I earn AB$ Bucks when I post around the forum? The answer is yes, you do earn for posting around our forum. The amounts you earn are as follows: .

  • New Registration AB$ 100 Admin Bucks (One account only)
  • Post A New Thread AB$ 2 Admin Bucks
  • Reply to a Thread AB$ 1 Admin Bucks
  • Your Birthday AB$ 25 Admin Bucks
  • Vote on a poll AB$ 1 Admin Buck
  • Other popular methods of earning Admin Bucks include, providing Graphics for people in the Graphics Exchange or taking part in some of the user-held competitions or even participating in new AB Lotteries.

    Also, if you are interested in buying or selling your Admin Bucks for real money, we allow this in our Marketplace.

    Account Abuse

    If you are found abusing the system to gain AB$ or creating more than one account we will remove any cash you have and ban your account.

    These terms may be changed at any time without notice. (Updated 03/31/2022)